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Success Stories

Rajiv Jethani

Ravi Jethani started his career in the stock broking business. In 2002 Jethani gave up his job as a sub broker & became an LIC agent after the technology bubble burst. What began as a part-time role has come to dominate his life. The sub-broker, who sold insurance policies to kill time after stock broking closed at 3.30 pm, made that into a full-time vocation once he realised how reliable and steady the business is, in comparison to stock markets. More than a decade after choosing life insurance as a career, Jethani earns over 3 crore a year in commission.

Bharat Parekh

Bharat Parekh managed to find work under a development officer at 18 and has never had to look back since then. He sells around 1,000 policies a year, the worth of a policy being 2 lakh on an average, and manages to generate a premium of 200 crore for the corporation — the highest generated by any agent in India. As an agent, his annual income is over 4 crore.

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